Speech therapy software and instrumentation

Often in speech therapy you rely on auditory feedback to modify your speech. By using our speech therapy software, you also have the advantage of visual feedback. With simple to use biofeedback displays you can view your speech in real-time, make corrections and instantly see the results. You can also make recordings, compare them with examples and perform precise measurements on a wide range of speech parameters, including: pitch, voicing, loudness, lingual, airflow and timing.

With our English pronunciation software, you can quickly learn how to pronounce any sound, word or sentence and get instant feedback on your speech intelligibility. All of our software is free to download and try.

At Rose Medical Solutions Ltd, we also manufacture advanced speech therapy instruments including: electropalatography for monitoring tongue contact with the hard-palate, nasometry for detecting nasal and oral sounds, and anemometry for measuring nasal and oral airflow.